Add a Chrome Extension
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Using an Extension, you can acquire new customers, streamline internal processes & decrease mistakes.
ExtensionJoy offers a simple pricing structure, with no hidden fees, with worldclass development - so you get all the benefits in less time.

Chrome Extensions can save & make your business $$$

If you've ever run into issues of training, human error, miscommunication or lack of knowledge. A chrome extension can fix this for you!

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Automate Tasks

Chrome Extensions can automatically turn on checkboxes, fill out forms, send details to your database. Pretty much anything your team does manually.

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Surface Information

Show information from your system or tools on other websites to ensure your team or customer has all the information they need.

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Custom New Tab Page

Share updates, notifications, add best practices...etc. Have your own internal wikipedia, always available to them.

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Even more use cases

Blocking sites, Integrating Tools, Detecting Mistakes ... Pretty much any internal or customer solution can be solved with an extension.


Our getting started process is simple

We have streamlined our workflow, to get you an extension built quickly, at a great price while also having the highest level of quality.

Step 1: Phone call

30 minute call to understand what you need.

Step 2: Proposal

We send over to you a simple design mockup, any limitations.

Step 3: Payment

If the proposal is good we will send you a Stripe invoice

Step 4: Delivery

Chrome Extension is delivered in, on average 30 days.

Step 5: Support

We recommend paying for our reasonable offer to add new features and issue support

We have built tons of extensions


Haystack Screenshot

Haystack helps you make the most of your time, by searching all your files and documents in the cloud in one place. It's been built for privacy from the ground up, so your data isn't stored on a server, just your computer.

Company Acquired

Merlin Guides

Merlin Screenshot

Merlin helped guide internal employees across companies like Unilever, Google and Via, through their internal processes, with a simple to use recording and playback system. Reduced mistakes by 45%.

Company Acquired

Internal Google Canned Response Tool

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Working on top of the internal ticketing system at Google, it created a Canned Response Search experience that was 10x faster than the ticket tool itself, leading to 30 minutes saved per day per agent.

Used by 100+ Internal People

Our support process is even easier

By signing up to our support offering, you get the benefits of ensuring your extension not only remains in the webstore, but also you get to add features & fix issues without the large cost.

Step 1: Sign up to our support plan

We recommend during the onboarding to ensure you get our low price

Step 2: Add items to your trello board

Whenever there is a new feature or issue, just add it to your board in your priority order and we work on them one at a time.

Step 3: Changes are updated to a temporary extension

We make the changes for your approval before we push it live.

Step 4: Go live

We'll publish your extension live for you

Note: If you don't add our support package

If you need to make changes that Google requires, you need an issue fixed or add new functionality, you'll either have to do it yourself or pay upfront for a year of support.

Our pricing is simple too

No hidden fees, just clear, set prices.

Complete Chrome Extension

One Off Payment

  1. Custom Chrome Extension
  2. Deployable to the Google Chrome Webstore
  3. Can work with all your existing software
  4. Custom API calls available
  5. Well annotated code & documented Process
  6. Custom Backend (If you need to store data either provide your own API or we can be build it for a fee)
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Highly Recommended Addon

Support Package

per month

  1. New Features
  2. Issues Fixed
  3. Support Webstore Changes*
* Google makes updates every few months to their policies, requirements and code system. We will ensure your extension is updated to support these changes for you.
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Prefer to build your own Chrome Extension?

If you'd rather build it yourself, we also offer a 6 hour training series, by an Ex-Google Chrome Extension developer.

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